Community Murals


The Succulents Mural was created at the 2023 Summer Daze Festival. 

Over 100 volunteers participated in its creation.  The concept was provided by NMAP board members, the painting provided by festival goers, and the finishing by NMAP Volunteers.

The finished mural was installed at the Newton Dental Studio, 229 N. Main in Newton, KS during the summer of 2023.

Buffalo Mural

The Buffalo Murals, a diptych, were created at Summer Daze 2022 by about 35 individuals mostly under the age of 10. They show buffalo moving west.

Thanks go Uriel Torres, Shield Roofing for hosting the mural and to volunteers Curtis Stubbs, Gary Moore, Stephanie Arellano Synder, and Melody Tucker. And to Newton's Chamber of Commerce.

The Buffalo Mural was installed on October 10, 2022, Indigenous Peoples Day.  Mural is located at 302 N Main, Newton.

Acknowledgement of Those Who Have Gone Before

Before Newton, there was land.  The land now called Harvey County was lived upon by the Osage and Wichita tribes.  Neighbors were the Pawnee to the north, the Kiowa to the West, Chickasaw to the East, and Choctaw and Muskogee to the South.

The buffalo roamed this area.  One of the first ordinances passed by the first Newton city council on Aprl 16, 1872, is Ordiance 53, "which prohibits the allowing of buffalos and other wild animals running at large; any one violating the ordinance if convicted, may be fined not less than five or more than twenty-five dollars".Newton Kansan, 20 February 1914 and Harvey County Historical Museum & Archives

Judge RWP Muse, History of Harvey County 1871-1881, wrote "When we first visited the county (Fall 1870), large herds of buffalo were found in the western portion of it, especially... where Burrton now stands, and between the two Arkansas Rivers....buffalo meat was the principal diet at every house and ranch in the county....the last buffalo killed in the county was in 1874, in the Prouty neighborhood, in Macon township."  Harvey County Historical Museum & Archives

For thousands of years the grasslands of Kansas supported herds of buffalo that indigenous tribes relied on for food and nourishment. We honor those peoples and their way of life. We respectfully recognize the Osage people and the Wichita people who stewarded this land for generations. 

Rodeo Mural

Created by Sharon Matz in 2019

Located at the Newton Saddle Club Arena - 701 W. 1st St. in Newton, KS

Butterfly Mural

The Butterfly Community mural was a project between Kipcor, Peace Connections and Newton Murals that features butterflies painted by over 40 kids and adults.  This mural is located at 209 S Pine in Newton, KS.

Front image created by 70+ community members' hands and feet during the 2018 Summer Daze Festival in Newton, KS

Back image created by Christa Jahay

Located at the Giving Garden near Old 81 at St. Mathews Epicopal Church in Newton, KS

Community Hands Mural