NMAP in the Community

The Butterfly Community mural was a project between Kipcor, Peace Connections and Newton Murals that features butterflies painted by over 40 kids and adults. That mural is located at 209 S Pine.

Because we needed to raise funds, we started participating in local events and offering an art project for people and children attending the events. We sold our panels through raffles, auctions, as well as cards made from the panels, and a coloring book.


Newton Murals organized as a non profit, Harvey Arts Connect, in 2019 with encouraging adults and children to express through art as one of our goals.

We have been blessed with a group of artists who just want to paint. Through Christa Jahay, we organized paint days on the weekends and we all worked on 2x2, 4x4, or 4x8 MDO panels to express artistically.

At Summer Daze 2019 we created a 4x4' community mural, a tree made up of hands and feet of over 70 individuals that is now at the Giving Garden, 81 Hwy near St. Matthews Episcopal.

Pre Covid, we had an art show of the panels and sold four kinds of chili as a fundraiser at the Carriage Factory.

Newton Murals has partnered with Peace Connections to paint on library/pantry/giving boxes. We also partnered with Peace Connections and Healthy Harvey to create mural and giving box maps in Newton, Kansas.

Jennifer Weigel was gifted a large number of school board election yard signs and had the idea of priming them over the existing painting and turning them into yard murals. At Summer Daze this year 2021 we worked with a number of adults and children who enjoyed painting their own murals. These are available as already painted or paint your own.

Going forward and it depends on how Covid is, we plan to continue to attend community events and encourage those who attend to try out their artistic side.