Newton Murals
& Arts Project

"Adding to the Beauty of Newton, KS - One Wall at a Time."

Newton Murals & Arts Project (NMAP) exists under the umbrella of Harvey Arts Connect Inc., a 501c3 organization.

Thanks to our many donors and volunteers, we just completed our largest project to date, the Newton Historical Mural. This mural was designed by local graphic artist, Andrea Braker. The project was organized by the NMAP Board Members, and was overseen by our Artistic Director, Raymond O'lais. You can view the mural at 301 N. Main St. in Newton, KS.


First steps are being taken to preserve Newton’s biggest mural “The Imagineers” so it can last through the winter. Lots of cracks have formed over the years which allow water in, causing the stucco behind the mural to fall off in thin layers. The paint chips show stucco on the back side, so this is just an unfortunate wall issue, not an issue with the paint.

We hope to get funding through different means from grants, and with community support for a major restoration that will keep it well sealed in the spring.

The issue is to seal up cracks and adhere paint back to the wall that is in the process of coming off. Thanks to all who can help with this very colorful mural.


Sunflower Mural

Learn the history of our first large-scale project, The Sunflower Mural, completed October 2018 behind 526 N. Main

Learn about the process that led to the October 2019 completion of The Eagle Mural, located at 817 N. Main in Newton, KS.

NMAP has directed the completion of several community painted murals located around Newton, KS. Click to read more!



NMAP is always looking for volunteers - and not just artists! Construction | Booth Workers | Organization | & More!


NMAP is non-profit organization. We are always thinking of new and artistic ways of raising funds. Will you help us?


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